Some questions we have received frequently, and their answers.

Q: Can you remove the "powered by phpList" in the emails?

A: Yes, you can upgrade to the PLUS version and the emails will not have the "powered by phpList". The PLUS account comes with some additional features as well.


Q: Can I make the phpList pages look like my website.

A: Yes. In phpList you can create "subscribe pages" which you can make look like your own website. To do this, you need to extract the header and footer HTML from your website and copy it in the boxes when you create the page. If you want to use your own CSS, you will need to include the full URL to your CSS file, eg http://www.yourwebsite.com/css/style.css and images.

You may also want to check out the "Ajax Form" which you can use to embed the subscribe form in your site, so that your subscribers will not load the phpList pages at all. You can find this under the "Help" at the top right in your account, under the tab "integration".


Q. The 300 message limit of the Trial account, does that mean I can send 300 messages to all my subscribers?

A. No. The limit is on the total messages going out. So, with 300 you can send 5 mails to 60 subscribers, or 60 to 5 or any other combination that ends up on 300. We think that it is sufficient for small accounts, or in order to try out the service. 


Q. How long does the Trial last.

A.We have no time limit on the Trial account. Unless you explicitly ask us to remove it, when you unsubscribe from our own newsletters or when emails sent to you bounce may we decide to remove your trial account. But even when it bounces, we will probably wait some time before actually removing it. You can set up all required to integrate phpList with your site, and only need to set up payments once you actually want to send a newsletter.


Q. How do I change the credit card or payment method on my account?

A. The easiest way to do this is to use the Account Upgrade page and set up payments with the new credit card details. When you do this, the existing payment agreement will automatically be cancelled. If you do this a day before your next payment is due, your account will continue as usual. You can find the next payment due on the "Payments" tab of your account page.

Q: If I pay per month, does that mean I should pay on the 1st of the month to get the best value?

A: No, you can pay at any time and the limit you pay for will last a full month. If you run out of credits, you can pay again and the second payment will last another month. In that case, the first payment schedule will automatically be cancelled, so there is no danger to pay twice.


Q: Will my unused mails per month pass on to the next month?

A: Your message limit is set per month and unsent messages cannot be added to other months. We encourage you to send regular newsletters, because that makes it less likely that your subscribers will consider it spam. Even if they actively opted in to receive your mailings, they may have forgotten about that when you only send them a newsletter after a long time.


Q: What happens when I reach my monthly limit?

A: We will suspend sending your campaigns until the next payment. You will receive a message that you have reached your limit. You need to be aware that your campaigns will start going out again when the next payment comes in. In some cases this may not be desired if the content is time sensitive. You can suspend a campaign in your installation and once suspended "mark it as sent" to stop sending it entirely.


Q: How fast will a mailing of say 15000 messages go out?

A: We process the queue every 2-5 minutes and send in batches of 1000 emails. So, in general it should go out in just over an hour. But we also have domain throttling in place, to protect our servers. If you have many subscribers on the same domain (eg hotmail.com) it will delay your campaign a little. After a few months, when we find that your account is behaving nicely, we increase the sizes of the batch for your account, which means your campaigns will go out faster.


Q: My subscribers report that they are receiving empty emails.

A: This seems to be caused by some incompatibility between Microsoft Word and Microsoft Hotmail. We have listed a few workarounds


Q: I only send a newsletter once every 3 months. Do I need to pay monthly for your service?

A: Your best option is to sign up for the lowest level accounts, and use the Top Up facility to increase your limits when you need it. The Top Up messages have a flexible price which depend on the continuity of your monthly payments. When paid without interruption, the Top Up messages will be cheaper than monthly messages. Your account needs to be at least three months old before this is the case.


Q: The extra logins I set up in my PLUS account are unable to login.

A: The additional logins can only login to your phpList installation (http://YOURACCOUNT.hosted.phplist.com/lists/admin).They cannot login to your phpList.com account pages.



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