new stable version 2.10.19

6 August 2012

We've released a new stable version. This version fixes a few small bugs and some security issues. Download

To upgrade, do the following:

1. keep your config.php file somewhere safe (you can find your config.php file in the config folder)

2. make a backup of your database. (recommended, but not essential)

3. overwrite your existing code with the new code. You will primarily want to copy the "lists" folder and all files in it.

4. copy the config.php file back (to the "lists/config/" folder)

5. go to your phpList admin main page with your web browser and login

6. click the "Upgrade" link, which will now be there

7. You're all done


The security issues were found and reported to us by HTTPCS and High Tech Bridge. We greatly appreciate the careful handling of the issues by both these companies. You can find more details on the company sites.