To ensure a reliable service and minimise the spam risks for all of our clients, a Hosted account will go through two different stages:


Trial Account

When you sign up to phpList Hosted, you open a trial account. A trial account allows you to do everything a paid account offers; importing your contacts, designing subscribe pages for your website, creating campaigns or newsletters, testing and sending them out to your subscriber lists.

However, the trial account is limited in volume: It allows you to send up to 300 messages per month with a daily limit of 50 messages. We want to give you the opportunity to explore phpList Hosted fully before actually paying for the service. At the same time, it allows us to monitor your needs and to guide and advise you in line with our Anti-Spam Policy and Terms & Conditions.


Paid account

When you want to make more intensive use of phpList Hosted and start to handle larger lists and campaigns, you can set up monthly payments.

To protect our reputation and that of other phpList Hosted users, we:

After a few months of use, when we register positive activity and behaviour on your account, the following settings will change automatically.
The above settings will be adjusted based on your account activity. The following aspects of your account will be considered, amongst others:

    the percentage of your subscribers viewing your campaigns (more views is better)

    the percentage of your subscribers clicking a link in your campaigns (more clicks is better)

    the percentage of bounces you receive (fewer bounces is better)

    the number of subscribers who opt-out (fewer unsubscribes is better)

    spam complaints
    the number of subscribers who click the spam button with their provider (fewer spam complaints is better)

    how many campaigns you send. The more you send, the less likely your subscribers will consider it spam.

    last campaign
    when you sent your last campaign (the more recent the better)

    how often you perform an import of subscribers (the less you import the better)

Sure already? SIGN UP AND GET TO WORK!

If you are familiar with phpList (download) there are a few differences you may want to be aware of, when choosing between hosted and download:
image upload

The ability to upload images in the main content of your campaign is enabled, when you choose to pay for the "plus account".


segmentation is achieved with multiple lists, but the ability to segment your subscribers and campaigns based on the subscriber attributes (eg country) is not available.


the RSS functionality of phpList is not available on the Hosted service.


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