phpList Install Service


By filling out the form below you request a professional install of the latest stable version of phpList on your server. For a smooth and quick install it is essential that you complete all fields. After receiving your request and subsequent payment the installation will be completed within three to four working days.


Basic Install

The cost of a basic install is GBP 120 and covers the following tasks:

  • Installation of the phpList software on your server.

  • Configuration op phpList within your server environment, such as identifying the database and mail server, the location to save the phpList files and configuration of the bounce process.

  • Testing the functionality of phpList on your server.

System requirements

  • PHP web server & MySQL database (Apache/MySQL/PHP)

  • Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) allows the installation of mailing list programs and does not limit the amount of email messages you are allowed to process. (We recommend that you check this with your ISP to make sure that your ISP account limitations do not interfere with phpList functionality.)


Additional Services

In case your request or situation exceeds the limits of a basic install, we will send you a specific time and cost estimate by email. We will apply a fee of GBP 70 per hour for these additional tasks. Payment of the related fees will be considered as your agreement to proceed with the work.

Our time and price calculations are based on the receipt of complete and correct access data information. If, for any reason, you are not able to complete the control panel, FTP or database access details it is possible that we need to charge you extra for additional time.

If you have additional requests, please indicate them in the 'comments' box below. We will send you a personal email with a quotation.

Bounce Management

Bounce management is important to keep your lists clean and up to date and make sure your message gets delivered to the right people.

If you did not provide a specific bounce account email address on the request form, but did provide admin access to your web account (for example cpanel), we will create an email address to receive bounce messages within your web account and provide you with the access details. If you later would like to change the bounce settings, please refer to the online documentation.

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