Service conditions phpList Install

Limitations of service offering

The service phpList Install includes two hours of work by our technical staff. The service will be provided within three to four working days after receiving your payment and login information.

Additional payment may be necessary in the following cases:

If your request form does not contain all access data or if the data appears to be incorrect, and we need to verify the correct data. Depending on the ease and speed of obtaining this information, it will lead to additional charges.

If you request services that are not part of the basic phpList Install we will send you a quotation by email detailing the additional costs.

Our basic install service offering assumes an Apache/ PHP/MySQL environment [link to web page System Requirements]. If the installation needs to be done on a different type of server, it might delay the process and incur additional charges.

We are not responsible for your ISPīs terms of service regarding mailing lists. You need to make sure you know your web hostīs limitations regarding email volumes and its policy regarding bounces, spam and other mailing list items so that these do not interfere with the functionality of phpList. PhpList cannot bypass these limits.

Agreement by payment

Your payment is considered the acceptance of the quotation, either for a basic install as outlined on our website or for the additional services as specified in a separate email. We will not start any work before receiving full payment.

If, due to a reason within our area of responsibility, we do not manage to install phpList on your server, we will refund 100% of your money within 30 days after payment. However, if the impossibility to install is caused by your specific situation (such as not meeting the minimum system requirements, not responding to our request for correct access data or limitations in ISP terms of service) which is not resolved within three months, we exempt ourselves from delivering the install service and will not grant a refund.



The login information you provide on the install request form will only be used for the purpose of the installation. After finishing the installation and related tasks we will delete your access data from our systems.