Improving campaign delivery

When your campaign has a high percentage of bounces, if messages end in ‘Spam’ folders or even get lost completely, you have minor or major deliverability problem. How to improve that?

We’re here to help you with this, to and here are basic steps, that you should do yourself, before contacting support.

  1. Remember, a percentage of bounced messages and messages ending in the Spam folder is normal when sending campaigns to a large list of subscribers.
  2. Check campaign content best practices HERE
  3. When possible, avoid using big providers’ address as ‘from’ address – the reason behind that is your messages will never pass DMARC check if it’s in place. You will experience problems with e.g.,, etc. You may experience some issues with, too. The best results are with your own domain.
  4. If you use your own mail domain, don’t forget to insert the correct SPF record into your DNS zone (add ”include” to your existing SPF line)
  5. If you use your own mail domain: For ‘hosted-VPS and for verified shared clients, we will create DKIM signing upon request. That is paid service for shared clients.