phpList update completed on a desktop computer

What’s new: 8 subtle improvements

Improvements to importing subscriber attributes, long link handling, date translations, and five other areas have now been applied to your account.  Commas, tabs, and other field-separator characters are now allowed within subscriber attributes imported from a spreadsheet Much longer URLs in tracked links are now supported The number of “Recently visited” pages had been reduced […]

phpList public list categorisation screenshot

What’s new: Encourage signups by categorising public lists

A new option for displaying your lists is now available, plus a number of smaller improvements to your account. Public categorisation of lists Subscribe pages and embedded forms are shop windows, encouraging visitors to sign up to receive your newsletter content — how they are displayed matters! Now you can categorise the lists which you […]

New statistics: Bounces per campaign

New features are now available in your phpList account. Changes include new statistics for bounces, and several smaller functional and usability improvements. New statistics: Bounces per campaign This new option calculates the total number of bounces for each campaign and provides easy access to subscribers who’s messages bounced. The data can also be exported to […]

New Year 2019: Baubles and gifts on black desk

Happy New Year

As we usher in 2019 it’s time to say thank you for using phpList in 2018, look back at where we’ve come from, and look forward to where we’re going. Highlights from 2018 that was Statistics New subscriber click statistics were added to all accounts: total clicks, unique clicks, and the “Click per View” ratio […]

Introducing segmentation: deliver relevant content every time

Flexible segmentation tools helping you target subscribers with relevant content are now available in all phpList Plus accounts. Segmentation is the practice of automatically grouping subscribers by their characteristics in order to identify who should receive what. The result is more appropriate, and therefore more interesting campaign content – and increased engagement. A new ‘Segment’ […]