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    • phpList 3.0.12 released

      A new version, 3.0.12, fixes an issue with sending the mail queue in the browser. If you are affected by this problem, you will want to upgrade. If you had not noticed the problem, there is no need to upgrade. Many thanks to our community members for reporting this in the forums, duncanc for alerting […]

    • phpList 3.0.11 released

      A new year, a new release – bugs fixed and new features to try. Welcome to phpList 3.0.11! Mostly this is a bug fix and security release, however, we have released remote queue processing in beta for the adventurous to help test. Export subscribers fix Some (but not all) users were having problems exporting subscribers. […]

    • We teamed up with User Prompt to learn more about phpList users

      We have teamed up with User Prompt to learn more about you – our phpList users. In a first step we ask you to participate in a small survey. phpList is Open Source Software phpList is Open Source software: it is built by a community of users, developers, translators, documenters and many more. Some in […]

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Just wanted to say thank you for providing me with such a usable, friendly and affordable mailing list system - I have spent a very long time online hunting through ones that were either too expensive or quite poor quality, so it was great to find one that is so much better.
Mike Vass Best of the Internet

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