phpList is the world's leading Open Source email newsletter and marketing solution, used in 97 countries by 30,000 customers. Email marketing is an extremely competitive field: we combine 15 years of experience with the most powerful Open Source components and a European base of operations. We're on a mission to make marketing open and transparent: our products are shared with the community under copyleft licenses.

Processing and monitoring millions of messages per-client, per-day requires stable, high-performance code, with sophisticated monitoring. Exposing a wealth of complex data digestibly to users is a challenge for data structure, caching, and presentation. phpList manages information that can make or break organisations, including confidential contacts and announcements — security is paramount.

Jobs at phpList expose Open Source professionals to all these challenges and more within a supportive environment designed to grow skills and engagement.

Open to the core

phpList's DNA is Open Source. Originating as a community Open Source project, and followed by a professional hosted service in response to widespread demand, it has been, and always will be Open Source software. phpList's leaders are Open Source veterans with decades of contributions to Open Source communities. We love it!

Software made and used at phpList is Open Source. We invest in Open communities and reap the benefits. Since the first release 19 years ago, independent experts have contributed code and inspiration giving phpList a competitive advantage. All phpList team members are community members also.


  • We happily provide or reimburse hardware and software you'll need, as well as books or conferences that promote continued learning
  • Training allowance with paid time to attend
  • We cover all costs of company travel, so dust off that passport! Teams get together one to three times per year
  • Spacious office facilities with meeting rooms, rooftop terrace, chilled water, and Lavazza espresso
  • Other benefits are country-specific, including health insurance


Note: No recruiters please.

To apply for an open position please email a cover letter and CV to this address.

Open Positions

PHP Engineer

Location: Tirana, Albania, in the phpList permanent office near Stacioni i Trenit

phpList 3 composes, sends, and tracks millions of emails every day. phpList 4 is the successor to phpList 3, and already provides API-based management of core phpList functionality. Webbler is the billing and account management system which automates phpList Hosted account management. As PHP developer you will work on all three of these systems as part of a small, agile team. You will devise new features, improve performance, and plan the future architecture of these systems and the relationships between them.

phpList 4 uses a unit tested, object-oriented, Symfony-based codebase, and you will require experience in these technologies to work effectively with the community to bring this product to production. You will extend the existing REST API to add a range of stress-tested calls, and improve the performance of phpList message processing by choosing database technologies and schemas which scale into the future. During this work you will interact with and contribute to Open Source projects which relate to the technologies involved.

Required skills

General skills
  • Excellent English language skills (written and verbal)
  • Git version control mastery
  • MariaDB / MySQL
  • Use of Linux/Unix as a server OS
  • Integration of payment services (e.g.┬áPayPal)
  • Self-motivation and time management
PHP skills
  • 3+ years object-oriented PHP
  • Symfony 3 Framework
  • DocBlock code documentation
  • Composer package management
  • phpUnit test writing, management, and execution
  • Doctrine
  • PHP exception management
  • Authentication and session management
  • REST API design and testing
  • PHP 7
  • Security best practices including common exploits and strategies

Preferred skills

  • Basic understanding of front-end technologies, such as JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3
  • Agile working practices
  • PSR-0-4 coding standards
  • Experience contributing to Open Source communities
  • Email delivery / MTA software
  • Travis CI
  • Behat testing framework