Join the phpList FREE for Open Source Program and exist today thanks to the work of many contributors to Open Source around the world.

And we want to help grow Open Source communities. If you are an Open Source project and need expert marketing software, we are offering you a FREE phpList Hosted Plus Account*.

We want to do more than just 'give back to the community'. We believe that we are part of the community, and that is why we are offering our paid-for Hosted Service for FREE to Open Source projects and companies.

By encouraging other Open Source projects to use our services, we want to extend the Open Source spirit of collaboration, transparency, inclusivity and community.

We do this to grow the ecosystem of Open Source projects, to support each other in growing and developing.

At phpList Ltd we only use Open Source applications in our operations and make our money with services, not licenses, and have done so for 20 years!

Our continued success is a testament to the work of hundreds of thousands of Open Source contributors around the world - and we want to contribute to the success of Open Source as a movement.

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Join the FREE for Open Source program

Prior to applying for the FREE for Open Source Program consider whether you can pay for a phpList Hosted plan. This way, we will be able to support more Open Source projects that lack funding for an Email Marketing service.

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