Manage subscribers in bulk: Reconcile Subscribers

At your phpList dashboard, under Subscribers > Manage subscribers you can find the Reconcile subscribers feature. This is one of the best and fastest ways to manage your subscribers in bulk.

Managing subscribers one by one can be difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible if you have thousands of them. Regular list clean up is required to maintain healthy lists in order to ensure long term email marketing success. The Reconcile Subscribers option comes in handy in multiple situations where you should manage subscribers in bulk.

There are multiple cases where you can use this:

  • Set at one all subscribers to receive HTML or plain text content.
  • Mark all subscribers in a specific list as confirmed
  • Move all subscribers that are currently in your database but not included in any list, to a specific list
  • Delete at once all subscribers that have a greater bounce total than a specific number
  • Blacklist all subscribers that have a greater bounce total than a specific number
  • Delete at once all subscribers with an invalid email address
  • Associate system bounces to subscriber profiles
  • Delete all subscribers who have signed up before or after a certain date, but have not confirmed their subscription yet
  • Delete all subscribers who are blacklisted because they have unsubscribed
  • Delete all blacklisted subscribers

All these options are essential to maintain healthy lists and protect your sending reputation over time.

One thought on “Manage subscribers in bulk: Reconcile Subscribers

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for this. What happens when:
    -I send out a campaign
    -A number of emails bounces and they get moved to “Unconfirmed”
    -I then press “Confirm all subscribers”
    Are the bounces still counting up, or are they removed?
    I want everyone to still receive the campaign, but i also want the bounces to keep counting so i can remove all users with more than 3 bounces.

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