Two new plugins to increase management level

Two additional plugins have been added to your phpList account. You can enable and disable plugins in your account from Config > Manage plugins. Campaign slicerYou will find this plugin named “campaignslicer” in the Plugins list. Enabling campaignslicer will add one additional tab to the campaign drafting window. This plugin allows you to control the […]

Manage subscribers in bulk: Reconcile Subscribers

At your phpList dashboard, under Subscribers > Manage subscribers you can find the Reconcile subscribers feature. This is one of the best and fastest ways to manage your subscribers in bulk. Managing subscribers one by one can be difficult, time-consuming, and sometimes impossible if you have thousands of them. Regular list clean up is required […]

Campaign send speed: explained

You prepared a campaign – wrote content, created template, selected the desired lists you want to send this campaign out – and lastly you clicked “Place campaign in queue for sending”. But, when this campaign will arrive at your subscribers’ mailboxes? Sending time and speed depends on several factors. Send speed of campaigns from all […]

Designing an Email template

Upon arrival at your subscription page readers can choose whether they want to receive HTML or Plain Text content from you. The “plain text” readers will receive your newsletter content in the form of plain text, meaning that their email will have no images, colors or working hyperlinks. Instead, they will be able to read […]