Designing an Email template

Upon arrival at your subscription page readers can choose whether they want to receive HTML or Plain Text content from you. The “plain text” readers will receive your newsletter content in the form of plain text, meaning that their email will have no images, colors or working hyperlinks. Instead, they will be able to read the Alternative texts of your images and if they want to click on a hyperlink, they will have to copy and paste that link on their favorite web browser.

The HTML readers instead, will receive the HTML content you will prepare. This means that sending an aesthetically good-looking campaign will increase the chances of your subscribers interacting with your campaign more. But, what make an email campaign “aesthetically good-looking”?

The secret is to have “nice and clean” designs. A simple and nice design will attract your subscribers to spend some time reading your email. Some elements that you should have in mind are:

  • Focus on your brand elements: Your organization has its own color scheme, fonts and logotypes. Try to avoid using colors that are way far from your color palette, try to avoid many fonts at the same design and lastly, do not misuse your logo: don’t change it’s color or stretch it.
  • Avoid adding many images or images that cover half of your campaign. Besides that this is not recommended from a design perspective, this might trigger spam filters and never reach your subscribers. The same applies for animations and GIFs.
  • Your campaigns should be short, concise and inclusive. Most readers will receive your campaign from their mobile phones in small screens. If they realize that the email campaign is too long, they might abandon it.
  • Your newsletter is not your website. Yes, they are both HTML, but the website contains way more information about your company and the newsletter should describe shortly what you do, and you are offering to your subscribers.

Generally, unconsciously we are more willing to spend some time reading something that is easy to read instead of something that requires effort. We receive several promotional newsletters daily and in order to make sure that your newsletter will stand out, it is recommended to spend some time creating a good email template.

You can add your custom template at: Campaigns > Manage Campaign Templates > Add new template.

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