Did you end up in Spam?

The worst fear of every marketer the second they will hit the send button is the “Spam” folder. Yes, there is always a chance for your campaign to end up there and your recipients not read your message. Spam filters There is not a clear or single definition for “Spam Filters” as there are many […]

How our remote team works

The Coronavirus outbreak forced many working teams to adapt to a new working routine. Some might argue that remote teams are not easy to manage but, they can be just as efficient as a team that is located in the same office. Face to face communication is not easy to replace but using the right […]


Your email campaigns to raise awareness on COVID-19

A few days ago the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Therefore it is very important to inform wide masses on the measures organizations, businesses and individuals will be taking to prevent a further spread of the virus. The World Health Organization is constantly sharing updates on the situation and the latest findings on […]

Slice your lists and speak to the right people

Having large subscribers’ lists sometimes can be hard to manage. No matter whether you are a large or small business, you might have lists with thousands or millions of subscribers registered on them. Chances are that these people might be interested in different services or products you offer and if you want to convert those […]

Effective Email Marketing: 101

Are you about to start your Email Marketing journey or want to optimize your future campaigns? Check below a few points to have in mind when creating your campaign. Concise subject line ‘Be brief but concise’. Your subject line is the first thing that your subscribers will check once they receive your email. Long subject […]