Credits, limits, and discounts

A variety of plan types and sizes are available to meet your requirements. All plans have the following features and restrictions.

Credits and discounts

  • Plans can be paid monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly
  • Discounts of 5% and 10% are automatically applied for biannual (6 month) and yearly(12 month) payments
  • Loyalty bonuses are automatically applied for accounts active for one year or more


  • All plan limits (e.g. maximum messages and subscribers) are applied and reset monthly
  • Credits are not transferable from month to month (either message credits or subscriber credits)
  • Pay-per-subscriber accounts are limited by the total number of subscribers in your account
  • Subscribers which are marked as blacklisted do not count towards your limit total (blacklisted subscribers are free of charge)
  • You don’t need to pay on the 1st of the month to get the best value, you can pay at any time and the limit you pay for will last a full month.
  • If you run out of credits, you can pay again and the second payment will last another month. In that case, the first payment schedule will automatically be cancelled, so there is no danger to pay twice.
  • When you reach your monthly limit we will suspend sending your campaigns until the next payment. You will receive a message that you have reached your limit. You need to be aware that your campaigns will start going out again when the next payment comes in. In some cases this may not be desired if the content is time sensitive. You can suspend a campaign in your installation and once suspended “mark it as sent” to stop sending it entirely.