How to add a sub account?

Sub-accounts allow you to create additional users with individual login details and private campaigns and lists. All sub accounts share the limits of the master account to which they belong (e.g. the credit or subscriber limit).

phpList Plus accounts support up to 5 sub-accounts by default. This limit can be increased upon request. Standard phpList accounts do not support sub-accounts.

Sub-accounts are managed via:My account → Sub Accounts tab

Each sub-account has different permissions which can be configured by the master account:

  1. Subscribers
  2. Campaigns
  3. Statistics
  4. Configuration

Sub-accounts can only access subscribers, campaigns and lists which were created by them or their own activities. They cannot see these details for the other sub-accounts or the master account. The master account has it’s own subscribers, campaigns, and lists, in addition to which it can see those of all sub-accounts.