Positive activity and account settings

To protect our reputation and that of other phpList Hosted users, we:

  • Mark a subscriber as blacklisted after receiving one bounce for that address
  • Automatically unsubscribe emails from your list when they hit the unsubscribe button.
  • Automatically unsubscribe your subscribers when they report your email as spam with their email provider (works with those email providers that give us this information).
  • Use the domain throttle feature of phpList to ensure not too many mails to go a single provider in a given time frame.

These settings will be adjusted based on your account activity and the following aspects will be considered (amongst others):

  • VIEWS –  the percentage of your subscribers viewing your campaigns (more views is better)
  • CLICKS – the percentage of your subscribers clicking a link in your campaigns (more clicks is better)
  • BOUNCES – the percentage of bounces you receive (fewer bounces is better)
  • UNSUBSCRIBES – the number of subscribers who opt-out (fewer unsubscribes is better)

     the number of subscribers who click the spam button with their provider (fewer spam complaints is better)

  • CAMPAIGNS – how many campaigns you send. The more you send, the less likely your subscribers will consider it spam.
  • LAST CAMPAIGN – when you sent your last campaign (the more recent the better)
  • IMPORT – how often you perform an import of subscribers (the less you import the better).

After a few months of use, when we register positive activity and behaviour on your account, the following changes will be made automatically:

  • the send speed of your installation will increase as we will increase the batch sizes
  • the number of consecutive bounces for a subscriber to be blacklisted will be increased to 3 bounces, instead of 1
  • a subscriber clicking “unsubscribe” will be asked the reason why, instead of being removed immediately.