Prevent images from being blocked

Some email clients (software used for reading emails) hide linked images by default to protect the privacy or security of the reader. They effectively distrust and hide all images unless the user of the software manually chooses to show them. While the email recipient can change their settings to prevent this from happening, the sender of the email cannot influence it.

Instead of linking images in the email (and loading them remotely when the email is read) it is possible to embed the images inside the email itself. This prevents the images being blocked by mail clients, but increases the size of the message, decreases its delivery speed, and if too many images are included, is likely to trigger spam filters.

We recommend embedding a few crucial images, such as your company logo, in an email template which you can reuse for multiple campaigns, and linking to images in your campaign content (the changing content that is unique to a particular campaign).

Embedding images is possible for phpList Plus accounts. Guidance on embedding images in templates can be found in the Help section of your account here (please log in to view):