Problems editing a campaign

If you have problems with editing campaign, it is probably caused by either your web browser settings, a plugin or extension installed in your web browser, or your anti-virus software.

You cannot see the toolbar

This problem is most commonly caused by using Internet Explorer. Try using Firefox or Chrome browser.

Is the editor minimised?

If you can see a grey bar above the campaign window you need to click in the top left corner. This will expand the toolbar to be visible.

The tool bar is not visible at all

This is usually caused by a browser plugin which is blocking the editor.

Possibilities include an ad(vertising)-blocker, a javascript-blocker or an anti-virus application. Try disabling web browser plugins and extensions one by one until you find the cause.

You can see the toolbar, but are unable to edit the campaign

As above, this is usually caused by a browser plugin which is blocking the editor.

You can’t paste text into the editor

Usually, this issue us caused by trying to paste from a word processor such as Microsoft Word or LibreOffice. You should only ever paste plain text into phpList: you should not paste directly from a word processor into the campaign editor window. A button for pasting such text cleanly is included in the CKEditor, which is enabled by default. Look for the clipboard with a Microsoft Word icon, click it, and paste your text into there instead of directly into the campaign composer directly.

Another solution is to paste content into a simple text editor such as Microsoft Notepad, Gedit, or TextEdit. Once copied into a document there, re-copy the contents, and this should remove any invisible formatting that was present in the originally copied content.