Your account has been suspended. Now what?

You have received a message from our Support Team saying that your account has been suspended. What should you do next?

In this article, you’ll learn about suspensions, why they occur, and how to manage them.

What does it mean that your account has been suspended and is it permanent or temporary?

Suspension occurs when phpList disables certain features, which usually includes sending capabilities, on your account while you’re under review with our Quality and Assurance team. You can still import, export, or create a new campaign.

In most cases the suspension will be temporary, however, we always ask for our users’ cooperation in improving their accounts’ performance so that a potential permanent ban from our platform does not take place.

Why did this happen?

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, etc, and anti-spam companies keep a close eye on phpList as an email marketing platform. If they see a high rate of negative response to an email or a particular sender, they can block any phpList email campaign from reaching anyone on their ISP.

To protect the sending reputation of all phpList users, our team will review every negative email campaign or audience import results, and sometimes have to issue a suspension until we can identify what’s going on. Most of the time, we’ll issue a warning before we suspend an account.

Here are some of the reasons we issue a suspension.

  • High abuse rate
  • High rate of hard bounces
  • High unsubscribe rates
  • Direct complaints

What should you do next?

Log in to phpList and navigate to your Account page. On the dashboard, you’ll find information about why your account was disabled.

We’ll also send an email to the primary contact on file with details about the issue, and instructions on how to move forward.