Data protection made easy with new phpList features

Several new features are now available in your account, making it easy to handle European subscribers who choose to exercise new data protection rights being enacted this Friday. While the regulations originate in the EU, their broad scope also affects many organisations in other regions.


There are multiple new ways for subscribers to update their data, request access to the data you store about them, and request account removal. You can export all data pertaining to a subscriber, including history, clicks and views, with one click, making data portability a breeze. See the phpList Manual page ‘Using phpList for compliance with the GDPR‘ for recommended usage of these and other features.

New subscriber management options in phpList

New options on the Subscriber Details page


In addition to the above features, two new campaign statistics have been introduced, plus a slew of usability fixes and improvements. ‘Total clicks’, ‘Unique clicks’, and the ‘Click per View’ ratio is now included for better insight into campaign performance.

Pages of your account now offer more contextual help, and switching between statistics is easier thanks to newly added buttons. Look out for question-buttons (❔) for built-in advice.

Additional contextual help options in phpList

Additional statistics and contextual help

Subscriber import and export also received a boost, with the default export option being simplified to “All subscribers”, and the “Import by CSV” page receiving an improved layout.

All these changes ultimately will improve your interaction with phpList and should help improve your email deliverability too, by developing a more trusting relationship with all your contacts.

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