Pro-marketer plans launched for sending millions of mails

Open Source email marketing app phpList is launching a new product range offering dedicated infrastructure and unlimited messages at disruptive prices. Packages start at $900 / month for 500,000 recipients, with in-depth analytics, expert delivery supervision, and a choice of secure data locations.

After 15 years servicing small and medium-sized customers, the privately-owned firm is rolling out enterprise-size packages, with up to 20 million messages for $2,500 per month. Over 22 Billion messages were sent using phpList last year by marketers in 97 countries, as the company responded to massive growth in demand for email marketing across sectors.

Alternatively, you can have a look at the phpList Pricing page and see all pricing options based on the number of subscribers or messages sent per month. phpList offers specials plans for NGOs, educational institutions and Open Source projects.

“Harnessing the power of Open Source allows us to offer flexible products more cheaply than competitors”, said Sam Tuke, phpList CEO. “A global community of Open Source security and deliverability experts gives our customers the advantage”.

Dedicated servers, your own custom domain, and dedicated IP addresses are included with each of the Pro-Marketer packages, guaranteeing send speed and superior deliverability. Details of the plans are available at and services can be purchased via the Sales Team.

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Last updated: April 2020

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