New improvements: Traffic light guide to list cleanliness, subscriber data retained, and improved privacy

We’ve just delivered a fresh set of improvements to all accounts. Log in, try them out, and let us know what you think below. Traffic light guide to list cleanliness phpList now brings you a simple, color coded overview of list cleanliness. Your active subscribers show in green: these subscribers will be receive campaigns […]

Domain statistics overview: deliverability at a glance

We’ve added a new deliverability analytics table to phpList which identifies domains with high numbers of unconfirmed subscribers, making it easy to identify mail hosts which are not receiving as many campaign messages as they could. Subscribers may have one of three states in phpList: Confirmed, Unconfirmed or Blacklisted. When high numbers of unconfirmed subscribers […]

enable_plugin_phpList gets plugins has launched a plugin system with an initial bundle of six plugins to try out. There is some really great new functionality to enhance your use of your phpList. There is a new editor for your campaigns, more ways to keep your lists clean and more placeholders. “This launch is an important milestone to […] – a new website for trusted Open Source newsletter service.

Today, has been re-launched and re-branded as a services only site., formerly phpList hosted, has become a trusted and popular service since it’s launch in 2011: this new site brings room for further growth, along with greater simplicity. “Since the launch of phpList as a service, the phpList project has gone from strength […]