– a new website for trusted Open Source newsletter service.

Today, has been re-launched and re-branded as a services only site., formerly phpList hosted, has become a trusted and popular service since it’s launch in 2011: this new site brings room for further growth, along with greater simplicity.

“Since the launch of phpList as a service, the phpList project has gone from strength to strength” said Michiel Dethmers, CEO of phpList Ltd “we are able to invest ever more in our wonderful Open Source software and community. phpList has a bright future ahead”

The largest changes to stem from the moving of content to our new sister site, now provides phpList download, self-hosting and community facilities. This site both simplifies and expands the range of resources available to the wider phpList community.

“ will provide a collaborative and productive space for our community” said Anna Morris, phpList Community Manager “with such a diverse user base, from more than 90 countries, it is essential that we provide practical and modern tools to help us work together fluently. is a big step towards that goal.”

Further changes to include an overhaul of the features page content, creating an asset focused overview: we ask “what much needed things can phpList bring to your organization, because of it’s great features.” Additionally, the pricing page has been simplified. Greatest thanks to our designer, and long time phpList user Tarek .

Finally, as the launch of these two new sites coincides with phpList’s 15th birthday, we are sending any Open Source project you suggest to us a gift, including unlimited free phpList hosting on Read all about it here.

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