Major update brings improved Security and Usability

Over the past few months we’ve been hard at work on a number of important updates to make phpList easier to use and even more secure.

Features large and small

Update 3.3.0 late last month brought extensive work under the hood focused on security and usability. With 150 changes, it marked the most significant update to phpList in years.

System-wide security hardening added multiple new levels of protection to your subscriber data and account access. This included a complete rewrite of the subscriber identification system; adding more checks for user-submitted data; and increasing defenses against cross-site request forgery attacks (by a factor of 3.4 x 10^43!). The end result is that your information, and that of your subscribers, is safer than ever before.

phpList Hosted statistics page
Statistics pages load faster & link to more statistics

The update also delivered 17 usability and accessibility improvements, including faster loading of statistics pages, a more compact layout of the List Members page, and additional links for navigating relevant campaign analytics. Language settings and translations were also improved: your preferred language is now saved between sessions, even if you’re using different devices or web browsers. Support for plugins to handle message queuing and processing was added, opening the door for integration of external message queue management systems in future.

Brand New Interface

These changes have been live in your account for two weeks, and you’ve already been enjoying the benefits. But there’s more to come: we’re hard at work on a new user interface that will make phpList sleek and more convenient.

phpList Hosted new interface
Work-in-progress: the new phpList web interface

A preview of the new design will be included in a future post, but for now, know that you can look forward to a sleek new interface that’s efficient to use. You’ll find that you can complete tasks in your account more quickly, and be able to access resources and support more readily when you need them. Stay tuned for more details in the next update.

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