Welcome to the new phpList.com

phpList.com has a new design which incorporates an updated brand and focus. Over the last four months we’ve re-examined what you, our customers, appreciate most about phpList, worked these into three service anchors, and redesigned phpList.com pages to reflect them. Check it out!

Value focus

The focus of the pages are three service features our customers love:

  • Technical expertise: phpList is a rock-steady B2B partner with a decade in business
  • Flexible pricing: plans to suit every sending need and style, with unbeatable value
  • Outststanding support: consulting and customer service from an experienced team

Global scope

With European roots and an organisation spread on three continents, phpList’s outlook has always been international. The new website showcases the tens of languages phpList includes, the 152 countries in which it’s used, and the choice of 10 server regions we offer for data sovereignty. Additionally, Euros and British Pounds are now selectable on the pricing page.

Need-driven pricing

Enter your total subscribers count, monthly message count, or both, and be presented with three service plans to meet your needs. This need-driven approach always displays the most appropriate of our three types of plan, instead of listing plans grouped by type. As a result, fewer, more varied, and more suitable options are displayed. Multiple billing periods are also now presented, as well as the discounts which longer cycles earn.

Personality and Open Source

As every page now states: “phpList is an Open Source, UK registered, self-funded and owner-managed company, with 20 years of history. We are accountable to you: our customers and community, and nobody else”. We’re proud of who we are, and of our enduring commitment to Open Source. Large links now direct users from the pricing page to the phpList.org community.

Send us your feedback

Distilling the priorities of a diverse customer and user-base into a few paragraphs of website text is challenging and rewarding. Share your impressions with us — we’d love to hear from you!

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