New statistics: Bounces per campaign

New features are now available in your phpList account. Changes include new statistics for bounces, and several smaller functional and usability improvements.

New statistics: Bounces per campaign

This new option calculates the total number of bounces for each campaign and provides easy access to subscribers who’s messages bounced. The data can also be exported to a spreadsheet.

Screenshot of phpList's new 'Bounces per Campaign' page

Accessible ‘Campaign started’ details

Quickly view the date and time when a campaign started sending, now displayed under the ‘Processed’ section of each campaign on the ‘Campaigns’ page.

Screenshot of new phpList Campaigns page data: 'started sending'

Tweaks and fixes

Some other smaller improvements include:

  • Wording, style and formatting improvements on the ‘View bounces per list’, ‘Manage plugins’, and ‘View opens’ pages
  • Changes for better readability on the ‘Verify subscribers’ page
  • Fix additional spaces preventing subscribers update preferences when using only an email address
  • Simplify URL rewriting for clicktracking to avoid broken links in particular encoded URLs
  • Added missing file extension on the “Bounces per list” spreadsheet download
  • New higher resolution ‘Powered by phpList’ images

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