What’s new: 8 subtle improvements

Improvements to importing subscriber attributes, long link handling, date translations, and five other areas have now been applied to your account. 

  • Commas, tabs, and other field-separator characters are now allowed within subscriber attributes imported from a spreadsheet
  • Much longer URLs in tracked links are now supported
  • The number of “Recently visited” pages had been reduced from six to three for better use of screen space
  • More dates are translated into the selected interface language, rather than always using English month and Day names
  • The formatting of statistics on the ‘Bounces per list’ page is improved 
  • The login page now automatically focuses on the email input, allowing you to start typing immediately
  • On the “Campaign statistics” page, the “Clicked” column was renamed to “Total clicks” for clarity

Elsewhere at phpList, work has been ongoing on the new API, and a fresh look for this newsletter. More news on both of these initiatives in the coming months.

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