Email Marketing VS Social Media

Among marketers has been long discussed around the impact and effectiveness of email marketing and social media posts in digital marketing. No, there is not a battle between these two but it is important to be able to tell the difference between them in order to build your marketing strategy. Email has been around for […]

Did you end up in Spam?

The worst fear of every marketer the second they will hit the send button is the “Spam” folder. Yes, there is always a chance for your campaign to end up there and your recipients not read your message. Spam filters There is not a clear or single definition for “Spam Filters” as there are many […]

Welcome to the new has a new design which incorporates an updated brand and focus. Over the last four months we’ve re-examined what you, our customers, appreciate most about phpList, worked these into three service anchors, and redesigned pages to reflect them. Check it out! Value focus The focus of the pages are three service features our […]


Your email campaigns to raise awareness on COVID-19

A few days ago the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a pandemic. Therefore it is very important to inform wide masses on the measures organizations, businesses and individuals will be taking to prevent a further spread of the virus. The World Health Organization is constantly sharing updates on the situation and the latest findings on […]